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Why Panama?
What's this hype about Panama and is it really true? We think so but of course we're biased. Most canít believe any place could as great as we portray but our visitors tell it is even better than described.

Reasons for living here are infinite and we are blessed to be in a country saturated with western culture and freedom. Standard of living, food, music and attire, have all been influenced by over a 100 years of American presence. Panamanians are anxious to please and most will look you straight in the eye while saying "Buen Dia" (Good day).

For whatever reason, you are already contemplating a change in your life or you would not be hitting "search" button. Okay, we got your attention, so now what?

With living in Panama so many years, we have an idea as to what to recommend and understand the emotional commitment and sacrifice one must make to carry out such a radical decision. Although challenging, is not at all as difficult as one may think. We have already assisted dozens to relocate. We try to put ourselves in your place.

Of course you have to come to check it out and make sure itís right for you. We would be pleased to assist with your in-country logistics.

Although Panama has everything one may wish for, let's face it, it may not be for you. We would rather you stay home, than invest your valuable time and capital only to get on the next plane back. It may be cultural shock, the language barrier or whatever. Many Ex-pats speak no Spanish and do very well. It is essential that one set their goal, keep an open mind and willing to adapt to a new way of life.

Most inquires are from those desiring to integrate amongst their host, understand their tradition and learn the language. Others elect to live near other retires because of social contacts. It is important not to reflect fear and mistrust through isolation. As a guest in this country, make every effort to socialize and communicate with your kind host

Foreign retires significantly contribute to the local economy that provides vital "trickle down" prosperity to the lowest level. For an example, the economic impact directly-indirectly via Hemingway Hideaway, has contributed impressively to the local economy.

Besides all the extraordinary reasons for residing in this beautiful country, letís address other momentous concerns brought on us by our changing world and why perhaps why the Chiriqui highlands may be your solution. This opinion is not intended to create doubt but confront reality.

Letís start by looking at our financial debt. Cost of living is rising everywhere and getting harder to meet our commitments with utility and taxes going through the roof. Here in the highlands, overall expenses are still reasonable as we are surrounded by agricultural, beef and dairy farms resulting in lower prices. Also there is no need for air conditioning or heating and a host of generous retirement benefits.

Panama has become in recent years, the favorite for those looking for a destination for a second home, either for rest or place to live. The tax advantages, low cost of living, the use of the U.S. dollar as the official currency, the international financial center, modern shopping centers and ease of different air routes are some of the reasons why many foreign retirees and pensioners have chosen Panama as a second home.

Spiritual values are based in democracy, Panama is Hispanic and their culture and faith is similar. Religious conviction is a highly dynamic part of their life. Un like other Latin countries, religion is mostly Protestant but there any many other denominations to choose from.

Who are we?
Since our conception 1999, Panama has become ranked as one of the top worldwide retirement "hot spots" attracting thousands of people from around the globe. The invasion of retirees is on and many would like to join but have no inkling as to how to take the first step.

Trying to find adequate information to make a sound judgement can be challenging besides locating reliable in-country assistance, both which are crucial for a successful endeavour. When we moved to Volcan in 95, there was no inter-net or anyone to ask for guidance.

It was obvious there was a urgent demand for credible information and assistance. With Living half our adult life in Panama and Latin America, it placed us in a unique position to take this opportunity to fill this gap and established Hemingway Hideaway S.A.

We will be pleased to respond to your inquires and calls.

Contact us
We can be reached several ways.

  1. E-mail to hp3xbhdx@yahoo.com (in subject line put Panama or Retirement)
  2. Telephone (from US, dial 001 first, then) 507-771-5948 Cell: 6492-6931
  3. Snail Mail. Apartado 00029, Zone 0424, Volcan, Chiriqui, Rep of Panama
  4. If you have Skype, enter our e-mail address in search and we will chat.

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